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We just announced our exciting NYE show at Sea Of Dreams in San Francisco. Special Bassnectar pre-sale this Saturday night, October 25, go to tour schedule on the Bassnectar website. Tickets also available Sunday night, October 26, at, & by phone at 415-256-TIXX and at all Bay Area Streetlight Records stores. anonEvents, Sunset Promotions, and blasthaus have joined forces to create San Francisco's most elaborate and decadent New Years Eve experience, Sea of Dreams. In it's 9th year, Sea of Dreams features exclusive live performances by the massive 12-piece orchestral version of world-electronic superstars Thievery Corporation as well as San Francisco's own national electronic hero Bassnectar. anonEvents transforms the Concourse Center into a multi-stage, multi-environment undersea fantasyland, complete with 3 huge sound-systems, cabaret performers, circus performers, aerialists, contortionists, balloon drops, confetti cannons and over 50 massive pieces of inflatable art. Other musical performances will include 25-piece indie-techno-circus the Mutaytor, LA's famed circus crew Cirque Berzerk, Bay Area trip-hop heroes BLVD, and DJ sets by Motion Potion (Funkonnection-SFO), Little John (Raindance-Santa Cruz), Malarkey (Juke Joint-Sebastopol), and Maneesh the Twister (Surya Dub-SFO). More info at Buddy - Webmaster

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Straight up, this has been one of my *JAMS* since last December 2007. One of those prime cutz that you just know when you pull the trigger everythings going to erupt and everyone will go apeshit. It has existed as a series of loops/tracks for a while (bass beat, drums/fx, the melody loop, various Beatles loop, the Askills loop, all the old hiphop samples, the Lennon singing which i didnt include on here...etc)

I wanted to also include a few pieces of footage that really caught the energy of this song when played live:

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I wanted to let you you all know (if you don't already) about a dope track that FreQ Nasty and I have done in support of the "March to Tibet" campaign at

You can learn about the issues involving Tibet and China on the download page and donate to the marchers who are raising awareness about China's human rights records leading up to the Olympic Games. The banner you can see here is a click thru banner so check it out, click thru to Giveback and SUPPORT!

The one on my Tribe is a straight jpeg but it helps get the word out too...

I have put the code for the click thru banner below here too throw it up on your myspace/website/tribe too (rip the jpeg only version from:  


<AHREF=" <> "><IMGSRC=""

Get some positive change happening in the world!

Music can change our world!

Mr L Bassnectar Esq

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This next transmission is just a single track, unmixed, intended for (amongst other things) DJs who want a super charge full throttle explosion to add to their sets. While the Bassnectar scientists crank away in the labs working on new album material, we thought we might toss out a couple of bootlegs or something, so we're starting with this.

A tribute to one of the major musical influences of the Bassnectar sound, this mash-up combines elements of Blue State Riddim's beats and vocals (featuring Jahi) with one of metal's most insane bangers ever. For whom the bass tolls is about uprising, and about defiance. it is a positive way of saying we will never forget what certain neo- conservative humans did over the last decade, even after they have left office, locked up their records in presidential libraries, blacked out all their crimes on paper, pardoned each other, siphoned the wealth of the middle class into their defense contractors and other corporate crony cash deposits. Even if the major media that they own and control tries to rewrite history, and say they are good people, or maybe the media will just avoid the topics, and supply refuge, it is important to keep in mind that some heavy crimes have been committed, under the watch of Dick Cheney, George Bush, George W Bush, and so many others. We will not forget, and we will not forget about the wars they started, the people they killed, the economy they destroyed, the policies they passed, the torture they condoned, and the personal gain they enjoyed as a result of their crimes. Enjoy this music.

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Another dose of Bassnectar for your tender nervous system, ingest deeply. This round explores a heavier midtempo flavor, featuring heaps of unreleased jams and exclusives. Lots of hyp hop, glitchy dancehall, and hand swat, with the wobble knob turned to 11. WOMP! Sometimes faster is not heavier, and this is for that point in the spectrum of movement between head nodding and head banging…enjoy!

1. Intro, Symon Sez
2. Bassnectar – Bomb The Blocks (Ghislain Poirier remix) [OM]
3. Bassnectar & Boreta – Buss Buss Buss [Amorphous Music]
4. Bassnectar – All Life is Inter-related [Amorphous Music]
5. Bassnectar – Saian Supa Swat [Amorphous Music]
6. Zion I & Grouch – Lift Me Up (Bassnectar remix) [OM] 
7. Bassnectar – Zigga Zigga [Amorphous Music] 
8. Bassnectar – Stomp [OM] 
9. Bassnectar – Ridiculous Wobble [OM] 
10. Bassnectar – Sing Swing [unreleazed]
11. Bassnectar & iLL Gates – Net Neutrality Rantapella

2. featuring Persia
3. featuring Dakini
4. featuring MLK, 1961
5. featuring Saian Supa Crew
8. featuring Seasunz
9. featuring Nibu
10. featuring Kyrian & The Andrew Sistaz

Get Involved. much love…

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A wild ride through some of the most intense bangers from 2007 sets, featuring original Bassnectar material; exclusive mashups – including the Metallika, for whom the bass tolls’ ripper, Kinga Tha Bongo from Manu Chao, etc); and a few standout mixes from the likes of Mr Oizo, JuJu, Reso, The Cure and more.

Definitely a harder edge selection of tunes here, from all out metal- mayhem, to reggae classics, quivering dub step, bass-heavy hyp hop, ridiculous tempo shifting and even some sparkly melodic musica. Keep an eye out for the next installment of this podcaste mix series, Leftfield Downtempo Hyp Hop…a bit more pelvic, with plenty of hand-swat. for more info!

Metallyka – ‘For Whom The Bass Tolls Mashup’ (Bassnectar rmx) 
Mr. Oizo – ‘Rage Against The Machine Mashup’ (White)
Another Homicide vs JuJu – (Bassnectar Murder Mashup)
Cut & Run vs Reso (Bassnectar Bongo Masher)
Dj Wonder/Aphrodite/Menta (Dr. Traxxxoverlap Smashup)
Girl Talk – ‘Shake That Azz’ (Bassnectar remix) (White)
Bassnectar – ‘Everybody Ladybug Mecca’ – Dog Star (Acappella)
Bassnectar – ‘Impossible And Overwhelming’ (Om Records) 
The Cure – ‘Close To Me’ (Rhino)
Bassnectar Feat. Sunru Skywaka – ‘Leprechauns Arise’ (Amorphous)

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